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KKC Shopper
Endlessly flexible,

absolutely professional

The KKC Shopper originates in the PROFESSIONAL aluminium case system and combines every advantage of this product line with the benefits of the Shopper stacking-system. The Shopper-system was created for every application that needs a high amount of flexibility. The Shopper-system can be individually manufactured for the special requirements of the customers. Ideal for service and sales solutions.

Koffer Stapelsystem unten
Shopper-base element.
The base element of the Shopper-system with rollers and pull-out handle.
flexibler Alu Koffer
Shopper-middle element, 150 mm high, over the base element.
Alukoffer flexibel
Shopper-middle element, 100 mm high, over the base element and the before mentioned middle element.
individueller Stapelkoffer
Shopper-middle element, 70 mm high, over the base element and the before mentioned middle elements.
stapelbares individuelles Koffersystem
Shopper-lid element, 20 mm high, over the base element and the before mentioned middle elements. The addition of further middle-elements is possible.
Stapelkoffer mit Rollen und Ausziehgriff
Shopper-system consisting of base-, middle- and lid-element. On the backside skids are attached for protection against thrusts (e.g. when transported upstairs).
Shoppper product features

For standard sizes 2 surface areas are available:

Standard-area format:
380 x 220 mm | 450 x 300 mm

Standard heights:
basic element 320 mm high
middle elements
150 mm | 100 mm | 75 mm high
lid 20 mm high

Individual heights:
Minimal 75 mm
Maximal 300 mm

Individual solutions are realisable in very dimension; width, depth and height; exactly according to specifications. The following dimensions are recommendable:

As individual surface format 

Minimum format (recommended)
300 x 200 mm

Maximum format (recommended)
600 x 400 mm 

Width, depth and height can be customized ex 10 Shopper-systems.

The elements of the Shopper-system can be provided with all known interior design, e.g.

 foam inlays.

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Stackable cases of highest quality – the ideal basis for presentation and transport.

Advertisement needs attention and space for presentation. Each of these necessities are provided by cases, with more or less area depending on its size. The advertisement areas should be effectively used because they are mostly on prominent positions and without any direct competition. With digital printing technique KKC can realise even complex motives.

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KKC guarantee

Made in Germany – we guarantee spare parts and reparations for at least 2 years since the sales date. Solutions by KKC are always a safe investment.

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