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The aluminium case with modest elegance

With aluminium case solutions of the product line PRIMO, you can support product presentation effectively. Especially sales representative profit from the elegant, design-orientated aluminium cases which present your brands and products with the help of outstanding interior design.

A high possibility of individualisation and adaptation to the needed requirements is guaranteed with these well-designed product line.

edle Alu Präsentationskoffer
Elegant aluminium cases.
Silver refined, anodised aluminium profiles and aluminium surfaces build an appealing solution for presentation.
unterschiedliche Größen Alukoffer
For a short-term need standard sizes can be delivered from stock. An individual adjustment of sizes and colours is also realisable.
individueller verdrahteter Alu Funktionskoffer
Produkt presentation in action.
With an electric plug-in connector for cables at the outside of the case the packaging solutions of KKC can become effective sales supporter.
Alu Musteretuis für den schnellen Bedarf
Small cases in standard sizes can be delivered in two different colours from stock.
Präsentations Etui für kleine Produkte
Folders and small cases are especially for smaller samples and devices for measurement an ideal presentation and storage packaging.
Produktpräsentation im Alu Etui
Up-to-date with a case completely in black.
PRIMO cases can be completely powder coated in one RAL-colour. Further colours are realisable at an amount of at least 200 pcs.
Primo product features

Different aluminium profile heights, each base profile combined with a lid profile, count up to the full height of the case.

The following heights are available in the raster system:

Height of the base profile
33 mm | 53 mm | 83 mm

Height of the lid profile
33 mm | 53 mm | 63 mm
83 mm | 103 mm

Each base profile can be optionally combined with one of the lid profiles mentioned before. The combination of the profiles results in different interior heights of the cases that can be used for packaging.

The area dimension (width x depth) can be chosen according to the following measures.

Minimum dimension:  
width = 180 mm | depth = 130 mm
Maximum dimension:
width = 600 mm | depth = 400 mm
or another combination, as long as it does not surpasses 1000 mm. 

Total height of the case
Minimum = 66 mm
Maximum = 186 mm 

Individual aluminium cases of the product line PRIMO are available ex 100 pcs.

For smaller demand you can chose from our standard sizes which we can deliver with individual foam inlays and branding ex 50 pcs.

We are looking forward to submit a customised offer for your individual case solution.


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High-valued, inexpensive and quickly available

The aluminium cases PRIMO are clearly “primo”. The construction and the way of production allow a fast realisation of the customer specifications and wishes. Available as a series product completely individually equipped and with a great branding in a short period of time.

Individual solutions with the aluminium case product line PRIMO

30 years of experience in connection with your tasks are the basis for professional solutions with aluminium cases made by KKC.

Here are some examples for sample cases, demo cases and presentation cases

Aluminium case PRIMO

Aluminium case, profile frame: silver, surface: white with digital printing

Aluminium case PRIMO for cosmetics

Case, profile frame: silver,
lid with digital-printed display, light-grey,
milled foam inlay in the base

Aluminium case PRIMO

Case for presentation, profile frame and surface made of aluminium,
with screen printing on the lid

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KKC guarantee

Made in Germany – we guarantee spare parts and reparations for at least 2 years since the sales date. Solutions by KKC are always a safe investment.

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