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Durable containers for military, aviation and industry according to international norms 

A packaging for devices for measurement and electronics can be very important, depending on how sensitive the goods are. Sensitive products demand for well-constructed case solutions for a safe transport and optimal protection. Even the hardest military norms like MIL-STD810, MIL-PRF-28800F, MIL-C-4150J, STANAG 4280 or Def Stan 81-41 are fulfilled with Cargo-containers.

We are one of the leading experts and would gladly offer you proper expertise for the development of a fitting case solution for your projects. According to all specifications, norms and standards. A decision for a container made of aluminium or plastic is just one attribute on the way to your packaging solution. We are looking forward to speak with you.

CARGO │ plastic container
Indestructible and light weighted

For heavy tools, medical systems etc. Ideal for everything that needs to be transported around the globe.

To the product
EXTREME │ aluminium container
For every weather condition

The containers “EXTREME” made by KKC can be used for nearly every application. They are light weighted and at the same time very durable.

To the product

We manufacture containers according to the specifications and norms of different customer groups.

Handling, weight, dimensions, protection etc. – the list of required specifications for transport containers used for aviation and logistics is long. Attributes like stackable, tough, light weighted and water-resistant are quite a challenge for many products. The requirements for the transport of sensitive devices from the areas aviation, military, spare parts and production can be very individual. Especially the aviation industry sets high benchmarks in terms of packaging for logistics and protection. Our products fulfil these standards.


In 4 steps to your individual quality case

Find the perfect customised container.

• Choose your case design
• Specify which products shall be presented in the case
• Ask for an offer
• Order your individual case

We manufacture cases exactly according to your specifications. From the beginning onwards we incorporate you in the development, construction and manufacturing of your individual case solution and create together with you a perfect product for presentation and transport.

You have numerous possibilities for an individual design, e.g. by choosing the case size, interior design, colouring, handles etc. Orders of customised cases are realisable ex 10 pcs, depending on the product line and features.

Or you can use our contact form.

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KKC guarantee

Made in Germany – we guarantee spare parts and reparations for at least 2 years since the sales date. Solutions by KKC are always a safe investment.

Customer service

We are ready to advise you! Make a request and you will get an individual offer in time.


Transport containers of the highest standard

transport containers highest standards cargo transport

Transport your most important items in these valuable containers. In accordance with valid standards and with a great deal of know-how, we also manufacture these containers to customer specifications. At KKC Koffer GmbH we take care of the high standards of aviation, military, industry and logistics for an unproblematic transport of your goods. Our company is certificated according to DIN ISO 9001:2015. Transport and case solutions made in Germany.

Areas of application

transport containers worldwide commute traffic

The professional production allows a wide range of applications. Our transport containers are mostly used for worldwide transport, as they are easy to handle, very robust and can be stacked well. They are also lightweight and offer maximum protection for the contents thanks to sturdy materials. The adaptation to any standard enables an uncomplicated transport process.

These containers are also used for storing valuable equipment for expeditions, accessories and sensitive gear. The interior can be designed with customised foam inserts that provide sufficient support for your products.

You can choose between two product lines: Cargo and Extreme.

Plastic transport containers

transport containers CARGO high quality and robust

The plastic transport containers by KKC Koffer are very impact-resistant and stable thanks to the polyethylene material. Mechanically and chemically they are very robust, which also convinces the military. Depending on the model, the plastic transport containers are available with pressure compensation valve, tension locks and practical rollers. Good to know: Even with rollers, these containers are still stackable. You can choose from over 400 sizes.

EXTREME - aluminium transport containers

alu-transport containers EXTREME individual, recyclable

Our aluminium transport containers withstand even the most extreme weather conditions and are insensitive to temperature fluctuations. This makes them suitable for extraordinary applications.

The standard containers are available from stock. You can choose further extras and configure your ideal container. Depending on your needs, you can receive your aluminium container with rollers, universal lock or cylinder lock and individual foam insert. We also offer spring-loaded handles with a load capacity of 50 kg.

Metal corners fitted to all aluminium containers can be combined with any model and allow the containers to be stacked.

Because the environment is important to us, all aluminium transport containers are 100% recyclable. In addition, we guarantee spare parts and repairs for our products for the first two years after the date of purchase. We are always convinced of the perfect workmanship and high-quality materials that we use.

You too can place value on environmental friendliness and high quality by choosing our aluminium transport containers. Our sales representatives are looking forward to advise you on case and transport solutions and develop a unique concept that is perfectly tailored to your needs.


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