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Interior design

Constructive variants for interior design of cases

The interior design in particular transforms the cases for presentation, samples or devices into usable packaging. The possibilities are almost endless. However, they are ultimately reduced to a few design variants that are adjusted to individual customer requests.

Foam inlays
individuelle Schaumnester
Production via milling, punching, waterjet cutting and form cutting. Foam inlays are the most favourite and used interior design for cases.
made of foam
individueller Schaumeinsatz
For presentation of products in two layers in the base part of cases we offer tableaus made of foam that are strengthened with a support layer.
Thermoforming inserts
made of plastic
A demand ex 500 pcs is interesting for a use of thermoforming inserts. With increasing purchase amount the unit costs decrease. This kind of case inserts can be cleaned easily.
individuelle Schaumeinlagen für Koffer
individuelle Schaumstoffeinlagen zwei Farben
Kofferausstattung flexible Tiefziehteile

With various interior designs we are able to find good solutions!

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