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Stacking case-system SHOPPER made by KKC

Flexibility and durability – these are the most important features of this product line. The system is based on the product line PROFESSIONAL and, becoming a standard product line, is now available in 2 different system sizes.


This model is with a base area of 450 x 300 mm the system with the highest volume and capacity. The base element is standardly equipped with a foam padding all-round the interior. Optionally, an office equipment can be ordered which additionally contains an area to store a suspension file. The SHOPPER-modular system consists of the aforementioned base element which is equipped with 150 mm big comfort rollers and a pull out-handle. The base element can be individually extended by different middle elements.

These middle elements can be used in various quantities. For an appropriate combination, 3 different standard heights are available. For a secure transport, the lid element is required. Together with the lid, one middle element or more, can be combined and used as case.


Flexibility and highest quality combined in a stacking case-system 

Stacking cases are based on the design of classical aluminium cases. By the end of 1980, aluminium cases became more popular for industrial use. During this time, KKC Koffer GmbH began to develop cases for craftsman and assemblers (mostly electricians) which could be individually stacked. The idea was that the client could individually design a case with fixed wide and depth but flexible height. With that, a case system with a base, middle and lid element was developed.

All 3 product parts are not firmly connected to each other ex works, but can be fit together by automatic locks made of metal. By using several middle elements, the client can individually adjust the height of the stacking case-system. Adjustment of the height is also possible to a later date. If required, additional middle elements can be bought so that the aluminium case can be constructed according to the application at hand. Due to the weight, some case solutions have been mounted with rollers.

At the beginning 4 rollers were used in order to facilitate the handling of the case system, however, shortly afterwards another solution with 2 rollers and a pull out-handle was established to make transport easier. The initially popular “mini-rollers” were relatively fast withdrawn from the program as an unsatisfactory solution. As first German manufacturer of cases, KKC has introduced the use of large, weight-balanced rollers with rubber wheel treads. They may require relatively much space, but in the end they offer more advantages than disadvantages. Not without reason, this solution is known as comfort roller system. In addition to unprecedented smooth running, the rollers offer the possibility of handling the case on almost any surface. Paved, gravelled or even unsurfaced areas can easily be driven over without problems. The trolley solution with large 150 mm-rollers and pull out-handle enables an easy transport of the stacked system-case upstairs and downstairs without having to carry the case. To realise this feature, a sliding skid made of enduring plastic material has been developed and is now mounted on every system. The stacking case-system was at first favoured as tool case for the electric assembly and handcraft sector. Since KKC does not deal exclusively with tool cases, but also focuses intensively on presentation and sample cases, this case system has been built repeatedly for sales tasks.
KKC - the specialist for customised transport and presentation solutions, has intensified its work on this product and the connected possibilities and ultimately developed 2 standard variants. The 2 standard-variants PROFESSIONAL SHOPPER-PROFI PROFESSIONAL SHOPPER-BASIC are available.


Outstanding presentation with the help of a new case – hardly better to achieve. But what happens when the products and product components to be presented have to be changed? Often a completely new case is the only solution. These costs can be effectively limited by a well-designed solution.

The aluminium case PROFESSIONAL SHOPPER-PROFI for presentation and transport of samples for the sales department:

The application possibilities for the SHOPPER-system made by the manufacturer KKC in Stemwede are various. The SHOPPER-systems are produced in Germany in compliance with the highest quality standards which guarantee that all case elements fit perfectly together.

Composability is also guaranteed for case components that are purchased at a later date. The standard system consists of various, individually combinable components with a flexible standard interior design. Starting with a purchase amount of 10 pcs, same case elements can be equipped with an individual interior design, e.g. milled foam inlays. The SHOPPER-system is ideal for sales activities of the field service. The need to carry a briefcase for all documents and catalogues and, in addition, a case for samples to sales talks leads to the problem of having to greet the business partner with full hands. This can be avoided with an elegant and flexible aluminium case solution from the SHOPPER-system.
At first, the customer has the base element which is equipped with comfort rollers and a pull out-handle. The rollers are integrated into the case so that it appears relatively compact and is ideal for transporting in a car. The base element or base component of the case system is referred to as “bottom part” and is equipped as office case. It is possible to insert ring binders, store a laptop or put in suspension files. This may sound a bit outdated at first, but it is not.

Now and in the future, business partners will receive printed catalogues beside online-media for information. Organisational tools such as cases ensure that folders and catalogues arrive at the customer’s premises free of creases or stains. Additionally, the base element can be extended by 3 different standard components called “middle elements”. Instead of a closing base part, the middle elements have an inwardly offset base panel that serves as a stable storage for samples and other objects. The indentation of the base panel enables the application of a system frame that permits the exact stacking of the individual components. The components of the stacking system can be securely connected by 4 automatic locks. Thanks to precise manufacturing, the middle elements do not need any alignment for exact stacking. The 3 available standard middle elements differ only in their filling height. This allows the setup of a presentation case in an individual, desired height. In theory, this is only limited by natural and practical boarders. All middle elements are equipped with an all round interior foam inlay and 2 variable dividers.

Depending on the positioning in the middle element, the dividers create different sized interior compartments. The equipment of the system offers an ideal amount of flexibility. Even if new products for sales promotion are added to the existing portfolio, a new aluminium case is not necessarily required to ensure continued professional and successful presentation.

An outstanding equipment variant for middle elements can be achieved with milled foam inlays. Customised foam inlays with cut-outs for individual products are undoubtedly one of the most effective presentation possibilities that can catch the eye of clients. If foam inlays are manufactured via milling technique, the costs will remain within reasonable limits. When new products are added or changed, a new milled foam inlay may be necessary, but sometimes only for one level or middle element. Customised foam inlays are undoubtedly a remarkable factor in sales talks and can be decisive for winning business competition. Another remarkable factor of this system is its flexibility, especially when the client has a large product range. In this example, the client might sort the products in individual middle elements and put the case components in the car´s boot so that he can decide on place which product parts he wants to use for his sales talk.

The base element (or bottom part) combined with one, two or more middle elements and a lid form an extremely professional sales support and a unique sales system for the field service. When critics ask, why they should carry lots of sales and advertisement material with them instead of just using media like tablet computers, we can give the advice that this media certainly is helpful for a successful (visual) sales promotion. But for a really successful sales, all human senses should be addressed in order to win over a client, e.g. by providing samples that can be examined.



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